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About the Owners

Who are we?

Hi! We're Jared Bilhorn & Meg Knoll, owners of 3rd and Vine! We met in Eau Claire fifteen years ago while working at a restaurant together. After years in Eau Claire, we moved south to Knoxville, Tennessee, and onward to Portland, Oregon for the better part of the last decade. We loved experiencing the different regions, but something special kept drawing us back to Eau Claire.


With over thirty years of combined service industry experience, we are incredibly excited to be back, putting down roots in Eau Claire near the west side! You'll often see us bouncing around the shop or walking throughout the neighborhood with our dinosaur-loving dude Iver and our big ol' Shar-Pei/Mastiff mix, Bernadino.

What is 3rd & Vine?

The concept of 3rd & Vine is a few of our favorite Portland date night spots rolled into one! Reminiscent of our favorite west coast bottle shops and taprooms (Belmont Station, Imperial Bottle Shop, and Saraveza to name a few!), some small-scale restaurants, and of course Cheese Bar- a world-renowned cheese shop from cheesemonger Steve Jones. 

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