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Join Cheese Club Today!


What is Cheese Club?

Cheese Club is a monthly membership subscription where members receive

  • 2 quarter pound portions of complementary cheese

  • An accompaniment we believe pairs well with both of that months' selected cheeses. Our accompaniments vary monthly and may include preserves, candied nuts, cured meats, etc.

  • 10% off all additional purchases made in-store on pick-up nights!

  When do I pick up?  

Pick-up takes place the second Wednesday of every month during 3rd & Vine's regular hours of business.

What members are saying...

Extended from 3 to 6 months


"I really look forward to getting my packages each month and trying all the different cheeses you have to offer. It has put a whole new perspective of what is really good vs that store-bought block of cheddar! You guys are doing an amazing job!"

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