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Join Cheese Club Today!

Did you know

3rd & Vine

has a monthly cheese


We do!

And it's awesome!

What do you get?


Each month's subscription includes:

  • 2 quarter pound portions of complementary cheese

  • An accompaniment we believe pairs well with both of that months' selected cheeses. Our accompaniments vary monthly and may include preserves, candied nuts, cured meats, etc. 


  • Membership also includes 10% off all additional purchases made in-store on pick-up nights!

When do I pick up?

Pick-up takes place the second Wednesday of every month during 3rd & Vine's regular hours of business. 


Will I be reminded to pick-up?

You betcha!

Emails from 3rd & Vine will be sent out the weekend before pick up day. These emails will provide information about each of the items included in that month's subscription!

What if this is a gift?


You're so nice!
Once purchased, send an email to with the recipients' name, email, and phone number.

Don't forget to tell us who it's from! 



What Members are Saying

 "I really look forward to getting my packages each month and trying all the different cheeses you have to offer. It has put a whole new perspective of what is really good vs that store-bought block of cheddar! You guys are doing an amazing job!"   -Samantha, extended from 3 to 6 months

 "I'm writing to request an extension of my cheese club membership. We thoroughly enjoyed the initial 3 months, and look forward to future offerings. Thank you for this wonderful service and, again, looking forward to future delicious cheese and pairings."  -Beth, extended from 3 to 6 months

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