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Buy Art From Local Artist!

Here at 3rd & Vine it is important to us to support our community- especially our local artists! 


A huge advantage of our business is the vast amount of white wall space, which we can use for your art! We've hosted photography, paintings, fiber art, and everything in between! 


Artists who sell their art through 3rd & Vine will get 100% of the profits from their work,  because here at

If you are interested in buying art please come to our store to make the purchase and support a local artist!

If you're interested in being a featured artist at 3rd & Vine, please send an email to 

We'd love to work with you!

Featured Art

"Influenced by a Japanese household, I've learned to fold paper through the skillful hands of grandparents, aunts, cousins etc.
Origami is something that has brought much joy to my life over the years and in sharing, I hope it brings some to yours as well." -Cassie  
 For more of Cassie Work visit her Etsy Store, Oko Origami.                           

Artist: Cassie Okamoto

Price: $30

"Dronie Cronie LLC is an Eau Claire-based small business, focused on all things drone. Some of the most talked about products from Dronie Cronie are the photos captured from above. Aerial photography presents unique challenges in that the artist separates themselves from the camera, so the perfect capture is oftentimes hidden in plain sight." - Joe Nelson                                For more info about Dronie Cronie LLC visit their website!                       

Artist: Dronie Cronie

Price: $100

John Strouf is a Wisconsin based Ink artist who goes by the nickname CupCake. Cupcake draws his creativity from trauma and views his art as a distraction from negative thoughts. For more information about Cupcake and his art visit

Artist: John "Cupcake" Strouf

Price: Inquire In store

Buy Local Art

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